Rezzcard is helping to build lives

Just ask the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

Paying Rent, Building Lives

The Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA), was established in 1937. They are the fourth largest public housing authority in the nation with more than 14,000 affordable housing units in over 50 developments with over 80,000 residents.

One of the PHA’s latest projects, the transformation of the Blumberg/Sharswood neighborhood, which is one of the poorest, overlooked communities in the city, involves creating a mixed-income community including private developers in the rebuilding. Mixed-income communities are gaining strength and restoring some of the biggest distressed areas. This type of housing will feature new schools, businesses, and social services to increase economic development.

Not only are these new developments needed to empower their residents, rent payment options are a vital piece of the revitalization. Rezzcard, whose primary focus is on low-income and affordable housing, did a pilot program with the PHA in the summer of 2014. The pilot was so successful the PHA decided to implement the program and offer it to all its residents. Rent can be paid in cash, credit, debit or electronic check online, through our mobile app, over the phone or by text message. No more money orders or trips to the management office or post office. Rezzcard has also teamed up with Experian and at the resident’s choosing, on-time rent payments are reported and a positive credit history begins to build.

The success of Rezzcard was picked up in a news story featured on NBC 10 in Philadelphia – click here to view . The President and CEO of PHA, Kelvin Jeremiah, is quoted as saying, “Rezzcard is a great alternative when they (the tenants) cannot make it to the management office during business hours.”

Rezzcard’s electronic rent payment system is not only helping residents save time and money, but property managers as well. Less money orders and in office collections lead to fewer hours your staff has to spend on billing and collections. On-time rent payments improve your property cash flow.

Rezzcard will soon be rolling out its prepaid debit card to assist in making timely, no-fee rent payments, direct depositing of paychecks, making purchases and getting cash.

By giving your low-income and affordable housing residents more choices and convenience in affordable housing and payment options, they gain the power to building a better life.

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