Rezzcard in the Spotlight with CFSI

SpotlightRezzcard has been chosen for the ‘Digital Member Spotlight’ on the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) Financial Health Network, which focus is mainly on consumer financial health.

Rezzcard’s efforts were touted by CFSI in a recent report prepared specifically for SAHF (Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future) as being a dominant force in the financial inclusion market.

“As prepaid cards, options and providers have grown, the industry boasts a 32% increase in revenue from 2012-2013.35 Affordable housing organizations, especially those with the reach and sophistication of SAHF and its members, have a unique opportunity to integrate a prepaid product into their sites. Currently, there is one primary player in the market, Rezzcard. Rezzcard began simply, in terms of functionality, however it has grown to incorporate additional features, hoping to create a product that can meet broader financial needs of consumers.”

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