A Day in the Life of the Financially Underserved

Just imagine not having a bank account.

It’s hard to envision not being able to simply pay your mortgage, rent or utility bills with a personal check or through an online bill payment system. Most of us take for granted the benefits of having a checking or saving account and the convenience of linking them for online bill paying. We do not have the added expense of transaction fees or the trouble of going out just to pay a bill. For the financially underserved community, bill paying can be a real hassle – it’s time consuming, bewildering and above all, costly.

This video and workshop produced by the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) , gives a first hand look at the issues facing the financially underserved community. It demonstrates what it is really like ‘to walk in the shoes’ of the financially underserved, and see what is really involved in something as simple as accessing your own money.

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