For Residents

Make Payments Where and When You Want


Residents can pay rent with Rezzcard online, mobile app, over the phone, by text or at over 40,000 walk-in locations across the U.S. Rezzcard accepts credit, debit, ACH or cash and has the lowest convenience fee charge in the industry.

Pay Your Rent and Build Credit for Free


Rezzcard has a credit reporting relationship with Experian.  At the resident’s choosing, we can report their timely rent payment history each month to help build their credit file and improve their FICO score.

Akimbo Rezzcard Prepaid MasterCard

Akimbo Rezzcard Prepaid MasterCard

The Akimbo Rezzcard Prepaid MasterCard® is the first reloadable prepaid debit card for residents that is designed to help you make no-fee rent payments. With no enrollment fee, no monthly fee, and no-fee for rent payment, the Akimbo Rezzcard can save consumers $1,000 or more a year in check cashing, bill pay and money order fees.

Enroll For Your Akimbo Rezzcard Prepaid MasterCard Today

Residents can apply online for a Prepaid Debit Card!