PIP Guarantee


Rezzcard Credit Reporting Service

Rezzcard is announcing a significant new capability for the public, affordable and workforce housing industry. Rezzcard enables any resident that pays rent with our service to opt-in for free credit reporting and then automatically sends the information electronically to Experian. Without any extra expense to the resident or the property management company, Rezzcard can provide two significant benefits: create a proven incentive for resident to make timely and complete rent payments and provide low-income renters an opportunity to build their credit. For a limited time we are offering new clients the opportunity to use our services for free by participating in our Rent Reporting Pilot. This service will be available at no additional cost to tenants using Rezzcard walk-in payment or e-payment solutions.


Payment Improvement Guarantee

Rezzcard will rebate all payment processing fees we charged to the property manager client for one year if you don’t see an improvement of at least 20% in timing of collections from late paying residents. We will review the before and after payment performance or the pool of residents that have signed up for the free Rezzcard credit reporting service and are now making their monthly rent payment through Rezzcard. If after 12 months the timeliness of their payments has not improved by at least 20% all property manager processing fees for all Rezzcard tenant payments will be refunded.

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