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Improving the financial health of affordable housing communities and residents.

Rezzcard was created by Alex Cooper, co-founder of a nationwide payment processing company serving the needs of the underbanked for 20 years. Our mission is to improve the financial health of our communities and residents by working hand in hand with property managers. By changing how lower income tenants pay rent each day, Rezzcard can enable them to save money, build credit, and gain access to the electronic services and financial products to improve their lives.

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why affordable housing?

Banking the Underbanked
  • 1 out of 5 households are underbanked and need a better way to pay their bills

    73 percent of all multifamily housing units are rented by households with incomes less than $50,000 per year. Most online payment services just don't work for affordable housing, where more than 50 percent of tenants pay with cash or money orders. Rezzcard was designed solely for the cash based affordable housing resident to provide a safe, easy, reliable to pay rent.

  • Underbanked consumers spend 8 billion a year in check cashing, bill pay, and money order fees

    The average low income household spends $1,200 a year in fees at a check casher just to get cash and pay their bills. Rezzcard can significantly lower the costs for paying bills and other financial transactions and simply eliminate the hassle of waiting on line or dropping off a money order just to pay a bill.

  • 61 percent of U.S. Households do not have a rainy day fund to cover 3 months of expenses

    The main issue is that many affordable housing residents don’t have enough credit history to be score able to even get an auto loan or credit card. So they are forced into high-interest payday loans and title loans that can easily top 300% APR. Rezzcard enables any resident that pays rent with our service to opt-in for free credit reporting and then automatically sends the information electronically to the credit bureaus.

Why choose us?

Your Business, Your Way
  • 1 Swift and Efficient
    Speed up your cash flow by replacing checks and money orders with electronic payments.  Streamline your operations by eliminating on-site collections and time-consuming back office processes.
  • 2 Seamless Integration with Property Management Software 
    Our payment solution is directly integrated with popular property management software systems and with our real-time web-based reporting, you can track all your payments.  
  • 3 Empower your resident communications too
    Rezzcard is a comprehensive "print to payment" solution that lets you outsource all rent collection.  The administrative tasks of preparing, printing and delivering statements are done for you with full color statements with dynamic messaging, as well as electronic notifications to residents via email or text. 

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