Monthly Archives: November 2015

How to Get Financially Healthy

Drink Less Soda! I just finished reading Karen Webster’s excellent article on “DOES THE CFPB REALLY HELP CONSUMERS?” . She makes the strong argument that regulation or what I call “over-regulation”, by the CFPB has hurt consumers by increasing fees for many services, reducing access to certain financial services and stifling innovation. (more…)
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Stop Trying to Bank the Underbanked

Is banking the unbanked the real answer? I applaud initiatives like Bank On from Cities for Financial Empowerment (CFE) to create public-private partnerships and initiatives to encourage financial awareness and better access to banking services for low-income households. But, is it really the answer to bank the underbanked? (more…)
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Money Orders Can Be Very Scary!

It’s hard to believe that money orders are still being used when it seems as if everything we do today is done electronically. But, the reality is that they are still being used to pay rent. There are many reasons why paying rent with a money order can be very scary Cost There is a…
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