Rezzcard is the only comprehensive electronic payment service designed to serve the financial needs and lifestyle of all low and moderate income tenants living in affordable, workforce, and public housing.

Better for Managers

Your Residents Can Make Electronic Payments Today

Most electronic payment solutions require internet access and a bank account. Rezzcard offers payment options that work for affordable housing residents that pay by cash or money orders.

Your Residents Will Use These New Options

Streamlining your payment operation only works if residents adopt new choices. Rezzcard will market directly to your residents mailing tenant kits, flyers, and text message reminders to pay rent. Our award winning mobile app will give them rewards for paying rent and information at their fingertips.

Electronic Payments Can Accelerate Payments and Reduce Collections

Rezzcard will guarantee you that we can improve your rent collections. Our unique credit reporting solution is an incentive for your residents to make consistent rent payments to build their credit history.

Better for Residents

Make Payments Where and When You Want

Residents can pay rent with Rezzcard online, mobile app, over the phone, by text or at over 40,000 walk-in locations across the U.S.  Rezzcard accepts credit, debit, ACH or cash and has the lowest convenience fee charge in the industry.

Pay Your Rent and Build Credit for Free

Rezzcard has credit reporting relationships with Experian.  At the resident’s choosing we can report their timely rent payment history each month to help build their credit file and improve their FICO score.

Direct Rent Payment from a Debit Card

Rezzcard is now offering MAC – the first Visa® Prepaid debit card designed with a direct rent payment feature to make paying rent easier and cheaper. With no fee rent payment, free direct deposit, and free ATM withdraws, using Rezzcard’s MAC debit card can save consumers $500 - $1,000 a year in check cashing, bill pay and money order fees.

Better for Everyone

Improving resident’s financial health

Simply by helping low income tenants make their rent payments we can improve their financial health.  Rent is our pathway to establish tenant’s credit history, manage their finances and gain access to other financial products and services through our mobile app.

Healthy residents means healthy bottom line

Tenants that have better credit, lower transaction costs and tools to budget their expenses will be more able to make their rent payments on time. So building stronger tenants means stronger cash flow and lower collection costs.

Social Impact is Business Impact

Working hand in hand with affordable housing property managers we can improve financial health for residents and properties. Rezzcard has a platinum GIIRS investment rating as a social impact company.

Solutions for Affordable Housing

1  Walk-in Payments

Rezzcard can replace money orders and cash payments and with electronic payments, Rezzcard provides tenants a free, pre-activated payment card accepted at over 40,000 walk-in locations.

 Mobile App

Rezzcard provides all our customers a free mobile app that makes paying bills a breeze. Users can set up all their bills, including their rent, on the phone app. With our unique bill viewer, they can see what they owe for any given date range, when each bill  is due, and get reminders.

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 Phone Payments

Tenants can pay by phone using credit card, debit card or bank accounts. Tenants can also use Rezzcard’s innovative new pay-by-text option on any mobile phone to quickly pay their rent with a simple text reply

 Rent Statement Presentment

Rezzcard, powered by OSG Billing,  can securely outsource rent statement printing, mailing and electronic delivery of your statement image. Whether your tenants receive their rent statement in their mailbox or inbox, you can combine billing information with dynamic, full color messaging to communicate important information such as building maintenance notices, community news and important calendar dates, as well as announce upcoming events happening in your neighborhood

 Next Level Messaging

Rezzcard  can automatically send text or email messages to  your residents. Automatic notifications for rent due or late notices and customized messages sent to all or units or buildings you select. It can be used for service notices, security alerts, work order status or other items that constantly take away time from your staff and reduce operational efficiency.

 On-line Payments

Supplied with a link through an email notification or from your own website, tenants can securely log on to Rezzcard web site  and pay their rent through credit card, debit card or electronic check. Tenants can set up recurring payments to automatically pay the rent each month, view payment history and even pull up an exact online image of their last 12 rent statements

Prepaid Debit Card

Rezzcard is now offering MAC – the first Visa® Prepaid debit card designed to make paying rent easier and cheaper. Residents can enroll from their phone, website or call our 800 number. There is NO credit check, NO fee to enroll and NO bank account required. MAC is a full-service reloadable prepaid card account. MAC can be used everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. Cardholders can add funds by setting up direct deposit with their employer, then they can use their MAC card to make purchases, get cash or pay bills

Credit Reporting

Rezzcard enables any resident that pays rent with our service to opt-in for free credit reporting and then automatically sends the information electronically to Experian. Property managers benefit as well since with positive rental history now appearing on credit reports, rent reporting operates as an incentive for residents to make on-time rental payments.

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